Friday, May 15, 2009

What up, duckie

Miz Mooz Shaggy Moon Boots
Clearance (surprise!) at Infinity Shoes

In case you don't hate yourself enough, here's a shoe for you. There are some other color options, but why go brown or black at this point? No one thinks you're from Earth's color spectrum anyway.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu, here I come

Portland weather is having a major identity crisis. Started out sunny and warm this morning and now it's raining sideways so hard that it sounds like a fire hose on my windows. But I don't give a rat's ass because I am going to MEXICO. Well, not for a while, but I CANNOT WAIT.

Here's what I need:

Outrageously floppy hat. I was considering this one, but hesitating since it's the Jessica Simpson line. Now, Macy's is out of it, and that makes me want it more than ever. Dammit.

Print smocked dresses. I don't need these specific ones, pictured from Victoria Secret, just something comfy and cute that I can constantly wear a bathing suit under. However, I will not be walking around hitching up the hem, acting like I can't wait to rip my clothes off, like that second chick pictured.

New nice flat sandals. Most of my sandals are heels. Super uncool for poolside hanging or walking on beaches, unless I want to be one of those fucking really annoying girls that totters around pools in heels and full makeup. I have too many other things I am annoying about; I don't have time to do this. So anyway, I have one nice leather pair of flip flops that are about to croak, so I think I need another nice, basic, classic, flat sandal. I hate flats, so it needs to be my one pair that will go with everything. I'm pretty into this pair from J Crew.