Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I just bought these Adrienne boots by Frye because:
   1. I've wanted them forever and they keep popping up everywhere, torturing me.
   2. They just went on sale (almost 1/2 off!)
   3. When I called the store they only had 2 pairs left in my size and this brown color...  in California.
   4. They will ship them to me for free. 
   5. Gah! I don't need any more reasons. I cannot wait until I put my grubby little hands all over them. I need to go take a walk now and calm down.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bundling up in August.

Oh boy. I really like these Nicholas K. items. I don't know why the hell I am even looking at them though. It's 96 degrees today, and I do love a good heat wave. I should be outside, baking slowly. Nonetheless, I really like these- as I like scrunched up excess fabric and big collars. What a great requisite for clothing attractions, huh? These look comfy, warm and soft but nicely tough at the same time. I wanted to say the word "snuggly" but I don't think these outfits would like that. 
There are many more pics on the website. On a funnier note, alot of the pics are styled with this large western hat and have this sort of gothic cowboy feel. I didn't really care for that direction and was trying to pinpoint my problem when I came up with...  Vampire Hunter D! Not that I have anything against the classic anime, but this is still cracking me up. Check it out! 

Separated at birth, mais non? 

Friday, August 8, 2008

Underwater Love

For Tara's octopoid obsessions:

From OctopusMe at Etsy. The seller's profile and jewelry descriptions say these pieces are made with real octopus. 
Although, how creepy and cool would it be to wear those four earrings on one ear? I think this is only for the real lovers though. Hmm. 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Two steps back

Mmmmm! Old retro glamour is so captivating. Tara got a cute little sweater with fur collar and glass sparkle buttons that remind me of these pics. I will have to take some photos of her in it. The deco-style backdrops to these pics are so mysterious too. All Metropolis fun. Anyway, these are from Eric Dover Studio.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Caught in headlights

While perusing Notcot, (a great resource of constantly amazing things) I came upon a post about Rich-in-Craft. These images are stunning! Rich-in-Craft strive to "preserve and grow the delicate island that is inhabited by both craftsmanship and art." This bag, the Folie á Deux, is from a limited line of 36, and each one is presented on a silk pillow in a cloth-covered box. How beautiful! They make me want to drool like Homer Simpson with a donut. I feel a little uncouth, mentioning the Simpsons in the same post as these lovelies, but ah well. Anyway, that leather looks so gorgeous, all gathered in perfection and topped off by that lovely antler. And the styling of these photos makes me just drool more. The site says this is the first in a series. I cannot wait to see what else happens!