Monday, June 2, 2008

Tara on a Saturday

With her new vintage hat, waiting for the bus.

Things you can wear on your feet perhaps

The great thing about Tara working at a large second-hand shop, is going in with the pretense of seeing her, and then having a great excuse to shop. "Ah well, I'm already here- might as well."
Second greatest thing: being around then for super deals, like these little oxford booties in gray patent and soft suede with bright blue insides.
Bad thing: getting carried away and buying an acid-wash denim jumper that makes everyone either cringe or giggle. Actually, I love the jumper probably just as much as the shoes. Once this weather cooperates, perhaps I'll be able to actually wear it out, instead of just admiring it in the safety of my bedroom.

suck it monkeys, i'm going coporate

Me fooling around with an eye look i saw in the latest issue of british bazaar.

This checkered look is something i've been trying, but it's so hard to do on yourself. So i found a guinea pig.

live every week, like it's shark week

summer shoes for the hoochi in me.



if you want to participate in the help felicia adopt a pair of shoes program, please don't hesitate to ask for more information.

Why do you only seem to get emails from

Time for another style acknowledgment from me.
Even though i've got some definite hoochie in me, i can't deny my secret dream to be a female badass rapper MC extraordinaire.
For Reals. come on people who doesn't want to spit hot fire and beat battle with the best of 'em. What better excuse to wear tons of huge jewlry, fat glasses, baggy jeans, flip people off compulsively, and become a sneaker head. Lady Sovereign doesn't just star in the play, she dresses the part. Check out her hella ill rap girl grime wardrobe. it's doesn't get more hood than this.

Nuff Said.