Thursday, September 24, 2009


Which of these should I get for my office boots?

I'm leaning towards these Fossil "Allison" ones at the moment. Basic, but they have a wooden heel covered in the back with brown leather, and that little teeny platform. Cute!

These, by Very Volatile, have awesome heels. I am really liking that cone heel stuff. However, that particular cone heel is listed as 4 3/4" high, but piperlime also claims they have a 1" hidden platform. So, uh, I question the comfortability of them. And I just made a new word. Heeey, these babies would make me pretty tall, huh? I am always looking to gain some height...

These Lumiani "Madras" are plain basic suede. That cuff at the top looks kind of luxurious to me though. These would probably last me a while. I actually wore through the soles of my last black boots. I don't know; these heels are kind of boring. Oh, I am over these.

These are the "Ian" by Arturo Chiang. They have some very nice little details: doubled-over leather, cool stitching, little subtle pieces of hardware. Maybe I like these the best actually.
So what does everyone think?

Oh, and in my extensive boot research I ran across some interesting things. Like....

In case you have $1594.95 that you've been DYING to burn.

In case you always wished you had fat little misshapen ogre legs and feet.

In case you wanted the beauty of some power heel from the 80's combined with the awesome utility of a thick nylon sock.

In case you have little tiny feet or are a size 11!!!
These are SOOO cute and are almost 1/2 price on amazon!!! They're Frye!!! Get them. I am so jealous. Ugh. I hate you.