Sunday, March 14, 2010

What’s the point of going out? We’re just going to wind up back here anyway.


5march 5march9

I really love the colors of these belts together. Almost, mustard and ketchupy, si? One of my teachers told me that I only liked Frida Kahlo because I was racist. I told him he was so old he’d become irrelevant. Or at least that’s what I wanted to say.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sci Fi Nerd


United-Planets-Cruiser-C-57D-flying-saucer-filming-miniature-730038 scifi101 spaceinvaders1 gattaca_big


2009 Vogue Italia ‘Evolution’united-steel-spacegirl-711229

comp4 comp5


picture-22 lady_gaga_doesnt_do_fiction

hussein chalayanlady-gaga-bubble-dress_l little red glass picture-33space-age-fashion

alexandra-zaharova-ilya-plotnikov-paper-dresses-01 2072087886_3543bbe1ef

comp1 comp6

battleangelalita 10363-bigthumbnail

beyonce_300x400 f16-508x657


Castel%20d'Emporda03 comp3


comp2 mercurymosaic-660x328

halo3maison martin margiela s 2008

GeorginaStojiljkovicforDazedConf-2 vogue italia4

gattaca comp7

alexandra-zaharova-ilya-plotnikov-paper-dresses-02 alexandra-zaharova-ilya-plotnikov-paper-dresses-04 alexandra-zaharova-ilya-plotnikov-paper-dresses-07


trannycatbeyonce1179895lady gaga saturn head piece

vista_first_image-660x807 fashioningtechnology4

2001 a space odyssey 2001_A_Space_odyssey

gattaca1 vogue italia2

Vogue China - Scientific Glamour 1

moon-review-2 comp8

070503_futuro1lady gaga future love

emotional_sensing_dress winners of the 2006 Space Couture Design Contest

dazed2 richard nicoll s 2008

d14_space_age sjcf_01_img0057tush_0209_maitenantencore_01 thierry-mugler-aw-95-najda-auermann-3

moon_ver2_xlg Märta Thisner

vogue_japan_feb09_31 fashionation

dazed1 fashioningtechnology1

undercover f2008 kahn1 slackerchic hiro-silver-helmet-by-mr-john-797737sputnik

Vogue China - Scientific Glamour Sam-Rockwell-in-Moon-2009-001

Scherer Gonzalez - Space Fashion 2008 star trek tng1 thierry_mugler_iridescent_200805091


I’m addicted to all things sci fi. It’s the future, you know?