Friday, July 25, 2008

Count down til midnight

So a bit ago I decided I didn't wear enough hair accessories. My hair styles usually have enough going on to keep me satisfied, but with a change of heart I've started a new collection. Along with rainbow mugs, lunch boxes, and music boxes, I'm trying to collect some interesting head pieces. For when I'm feeling close to nature, the Pocahontas in me comes out with my feathered head band. Let's not forget those nights when I need my 40's style dress shoes and gloves, I also now need my pretty little veil... that I paid way too much for at Urban. And if you didn't know, I also have a weakness for my catholic medallion's given to me by friends and family over the years. I wear my saint jude highlighted as my ultra-awesome head piece! And those handsome pair of heels are just some little oxfords that melted my heart and I needed to get. Signing out. My first real blog. -Tara

9 to 5

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A million days ago...

Quite a while ago Tara and I went to Lola's for 80's Video Dance Attack. We were the only ones dressed for the attack until some radtacular girl arrived in a lacy white prom dress. Tara was excited about her fanny pack and also had one blue eyeshadow swoop. Here she is making a funny mouth and then, trying to stretch her neck out. I wore Tara's vintage fascinator with veil and unspecified amounts of black clothing. And in case you're available, we met a guy named Roy who is looking for a nice girl.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Subversive Jewelry
I have a million projects that I never follow through with. I'm great with ideas, dismal with carry-through. Bah. Anyway, one such project was to try and create something reminiscent of Subversive Jewelry. Lots of things I like going on in this stuff, which I can absolutely not afford. Anyway, I love pearls in unexpected treatments. The first necklace I love, the oversized pearls of different tones offset by tattered ribbon and clinging rhinestones. And the messy, goopy spill pictured in the second pearl necklace is such a nice contrast to the more traditional, sedate single strand. Both are so nice and messy and look sort of thrown together, but also seem so decadent. If I wore them, I would eat cake in my stockings all day and sneer at peasants.
Multi-chained things always rank high with me as well. The dirtier, more mis-matched, more straggly the better. I would wear this pin and bracelet and instantly have the strength and fortitude to be out on the town all night. I know it.
So... I've collected various small pearls and one strand of oversized pearls through garage sales over time. I snatched up some oversized pins such as in the pictured brooch, but they're a hideous gold that just looks tawdry. In a dime store sort of way, not a cake eating, stockinged rocker sort of way. I have accumulated dull chains throughout the years, like everyone I'm sure, and also have bought some of varying designs when on sale at places like Forever 21. I'm really considering throwing all the metal bits into a fire for a while, and see if I like how it all comes out later, but don't want to have to polish off the soot for too long, as I am lazy. Nonetheless, I really want to get on the ball with this project. I'm tired of my current jewelry, and I'm tired of having so many plans that rarely come to fruition. Let's say: end of July. I want this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

not if it was the last shoe on a hot-coal-covered planet

So the other day for some reason, i was watching some sort of volleyball competition on tv. i guess Crocs was a sponsor for this tournament because there were like a thousand commercials for Crocs and it really pissed me off.
i know it's been said probably a million times by a million different people in a million different places, but i can't resist. i hate Crocs. I don't give a shit how many "different" looking shoes they make. I don't give a shit if they are comfortable. I don't give a shit if they are practicle. I don't give a shit if they are cheap. I don't give a shit if you only wear them around your apartment/house/dorm showers/the set of your porn movie. Crocs need to die a horrible and swift death. I'd rather get stranded on an island and eat my own feet before i'd look at anything made by Crocs. If you wear them, stop. If you are sleeping with someone who wears them, immediately get tested. If you are thinking about killing someone because they own a pair, we should talk. In the meantime, watch Law and Order, take notes, and arrange an aliby.

"'maybe you should open a school in african like oprah.' 'everybody CALM DOWN!'"

So with summer time, come's the crazy print princess in me. I never really like prints, except! during the summer. I can get a little out of control. Right now, i'm liking exotic animal prints, specifically of the cheetah/lepoard genre. Check up on my new favorite dress.

I got it at forever 21 for like 25 cents or some shit. I wore it to work the other day with black tights, black oxford heels, and with a white button up under it. But sometimes i like to pair it with more primal hair and a nice leg of meat. It's so raw it's right.