Sunday, August 22, 2010

I now get motivated once a month.

I've been doing this craft, DIY thing with a friend, where we try to do a project as fast as we can. First craft day, I made these earrings. Really sloppy pieces of shit, just from a bunch of old necklaces, and unfortunately a little heavy, but I'm still kind of diggin it. Don't mind my expression please- just trying not to let up how my ears are being pulled out.

Next time, I decide to tackle this coat. My dad gave it to me in high school, and I wore it every day for years after that. Holla, nineties. The coat meant a lot to me, but I could never bring myself to wear it any longer. Too boxy, too grungy, too worn out...

I ordered a variety of studs, trying to find the largest I could. (Which was only 1". Really disappointing, but what ev.) I painted them all a flat black enamel and proceeded to cram them under the lapel and down the back of the neck. They are pretty crappy quality too, but I am trying to tell myself that the black paint hides it a bit.

Here, you can kind of see them going down the back, but I ran out of studs much sooner than I anticipated. I ripped out the lining and tore out the shoulder pads to combat the boxy shape, and finished off by painting all the hardware on the coat matte black, except for the zipper teeth. I love how it turned out, but would like to add more- For now though, the modifications have me wearing my coat again.

And here's some cat that thinks he's in charge of everything. He is totally uninvolved with DIY day.

Thursday, August 5, 2010