Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it's like the capulets and the romulans

Currently, i'm obsessed with lip colors. I'm liking these crazy bright colors that aren't exactly kissably cuddley, but who wants cooties anyway? I want a lime green but can't really find it anywhere.

The orange, lilac, and bright red are all mac. The red is mac pro longwear lipcolor, which is seriously prolonged wear. You know the commercials with the lady kissing the baby and the dude and it doesn't come off, well this is like that for reals. I can't even take it off with soap and water. Fuck. Good thing i like it. And put it on last. The magenta is prestige. p.s. the glasses are real prescription, they are awesome... are you lucky enough to wear glasses?


Noël said...

Some lime green or bright blue fingernail polish would be awesome w/those.

Paris said...

I am that lucky!