Friday, August 15, 2008

Bundling up in August.

Oh boy. I really like these Nicholas K. items. I don't know why the hell I am even looking at them though. It's 96 degrees today, and I do love a good heat wave. I should be outside, baking slowly. Nonetheless, I really like these- as I like scrunched up excess fabric and big collars. What a great requisite for clothing attractions, huh? These look comfy, warm and soft but nicely tough at the same time. I wanted to say the word "snuggly" but I don't think these outfits would like that. 
There are many more pics on the website. On a funnier note, alot of the pics are styled with this large western hat and have this sort of gothic cowboy feel. I didn't really care for that direction and was trying to pinpoint my problem when I came up with...  Vampire Hunter D! Not that I have anything against the classic anime, but this is still cracking me up. Check it out! 

Separated at birth, mais non? 

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The Clothes Horse said...

The exaggerated collars on those sweaters/jackets are gorgeous.