Thursday, March 5, 2009

I a m a r o b o t . zzz ee zz ee bbb beep beeep beeeee

loading....... I got these new shoes of mine in the mail today after 
waiting an excructiating three days! I think they're sweet like those 
cash for gold commercials. The hoochie in me has always been on 
the lookout for a casual heeled shoe. I'm still not sure if that exists but!!
!... this athletic inspired heel is completely amazing.

They remind me of this movie, Robo Jox, that we watched several times 
a week during the mid nineties. The plot is quite ingenious really. In a 
post World War III world, war is outlawed! Instead of battling out 
disagreements with armies, they do so with giant battling robots 
controlled by elite "robo jox." AWESOME!!! It's even cooler than it 
sounds. check it outttt yooooooooo! crazy wicked fresh.


Noël said...

Did you see when Beyonce wore the Balenciaga ones?

Also, which is cooler- Robo Jox or American Ninja?

Paris said...

I had no idea you were a fan of Robot Jox.