Thursday, November 5, 2009

Straight from the arena

Here's some fall inspiration from Style Arena.

I love the silhouette, the excess fabric, and the granny style in the second pic. Plus, the jacket in the first pic is incredible. It's like something you would wear traveling across the Scottish countryside. Very cool.


Noël said...

I freaking LOVE the coat in the first one. I love structured, heavy collars more than anything. If I had that coat, I would probably just wear it and then roll around on the floor like those cute but deadly bears in Castle Crashers, because I would be too happy to do anything else.

I am also in love w/that all cream look, with the cognac leather touches, like those little suspenders! Cute cute cute.

And that last look is awesome too. I have a sinking feeling that if I tried to pile on all those items, I would just end up looking like a fat little pear.

But oh my word, how I hate that second look. I love the grandpa look, but that outfit is just, shitty self esteem housewife who can't get dressed anymore! Are those pajama pants!?! Is that a badly constructed t-shirt dress worn as an actual t-shirt? And the shoes! Felicia, would you wear this? I need you to further explain yourself. SERIOUSLY.

felicia said...

There's a couple things I like about her look. I love her glasses, that weird little hat thing, and I love the oversized corner pocket t shirt. I'm not a fan of the pants,BUT I'm becoming more and more of a fan of this slouchy shapeless sillouhette. It's the antithesis of stereotypical sexy and I think that's what I like best about it. if that makes sense?

Noël said...

Hmm. I can see what you're talking about w/the slouchy silhouette then. I still think it could be done better than this ensemble though. The glasses are cute and kind of look like ones you could have.