Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Inside the Lines

Teen Vogue - Dec 2009

Teeny bop vogue has some cute faces that I will def want to copy. I have had a big nice compact of yellow eyeshadows that I have worn only once- but to be fair, it starts to blend very easily into my skin tone. Last weekend I got MAC's eye primer, which I am pretty stoked about. It allows for truer colors, so I can pile on those eyeshadows and have them retain their vibrancy against my skin tone. It also keeps them from sliding around, which is a pretty lame problem of mine, since my face tends to get slicker than oil can henry. Humph.
BTW: there's a relatively
new MAC store in p-town that I never knew about. what?

MAC Antiquitease Collection - Holiday 2008?

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felicia said...

I have some yellow eye shadow that I've only worn like three times too. I stand by it.