Monday, June 2, 2008

Why do you only seem to get emails from

Time for another style acknowledgment from me.
Even though i've got some definite hoochie in me, i can't deny my secret dream to be a female badass rapper MC extraordinaire.
For Reals. come on people who doesn't want to spit hot fire and beat battle with the best of 'em. What better excuse to wear tons of huge jewlry, fat glasses, baggy jeans, flip people off compulsively, and become a sneaker head. Lady Sovereign doesn't just star in the play, she dresses the part. Check out her hella ill rap girl grime wardrobe. it's doesn't get more hood than this.

Nuff Said.

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Noël said...

Hey, you can definitely combine the two: hoochie + rapper MC. There are some great ones- Foxy, Princess Superstar, & lil Kim immediately come to mind. Bridge the two styles and kill two birds. Bleghk, mixing metaphors, but you know what I mean.
Anyway, you hear of Kid Sister? You should check her out- I think you'd like her look and music.
Also, the large pic of Lady S with the gray hoodie and orange tee is awesome. It may be because I freakin' love gray and orange together, any time, anywhere. Or, it may just be because the picture is awesome.