Monday, January 25, 2010

What Noel Says Matte-ers

Omgoodnesssss, I'm so clever and funny huh? Get it? "matte-ers," because I'm about to talk about matte nail polish! Hilaaaaaaaaaarious. Ok. First things first. Here is my new favorite nail polish color.

It looks lamer in this picture than in real life and usually I hate polish with glitter or sparkles, but I'm possessed by it. It's got this kind of weird periwinkle thing going on and it's semi-translucent, which I usually dislike, but it all works out somehow. PLUS, it's called Rainstorm, right? And I did my nails last night, and no joke, 2 hours later it started pouring and didn't stop ALL day. GET OUT, I know!

On a related note. Over Christmas I came across some matte top coat polish in the clearance bin. Since Noel mentioned it earlier, I figured I'd give it a try. Long story short, it's cooler than I imagined. It gives my nails such a clean and sharp look. Very modern. Here are some colors I can't wait to try it over.

Never would have thought to use it over a glitter polish, but it looks awesome here.

Long story short, I should listen to Noel more. Except when it comes to Prince of Persia. Ok. Time to go watch the Bachelor. I know, I know. Gag me with a chainsaw right?


Noël said...

Oh dude, that black one, with the copper flecks? fucking KILLING me with it's awesomeness. gaaaaaawd must. get. right. now.
on a side note: 'bout time you listed to me! hehehe jk not really.

Francis said...

actually you can't get the black w/ orange glitter. it was a seasonal release for halloween and hasn't been available for a long time.

etoilee8 said...

I have to start painting my nails. I've been very lazy about it, but this post had reminded me to get on it.