Wednesday, February 3, 2010

take off my shoes?! what's up with that?

Hey. I'm starting a category called "stuff my boyfriend hates. nbd." It's gonna be all the stuff I have that he thinks is fugly. It's important to note that while I think what he hates is funny and interesting, it in no way affects my actions. Thus, the nbd. Sorry Peter. OK, here's the first item of interest! My dog sweater!
"oh yea, check it out guys! Black freakin labs."

He likes me. He likes dogs. He likes sweaters. but for some reason he hates me in a dog sweater? It's a conundrum wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a tortilla with red sauce... mmmmm... enchiladas...


Noël said...

HA HA! That shirt kicks my ass and then spits at me, it's so nasty.

Mónico Chávez said...

There was a lady in cpk the other day with a jacket that had a big embroidered tng enterprise on the back. Thought of you and tara. Hah.