Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Dead Redemption Days


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(F21 floral jacket, Tahitian spoon necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Clinic Wedges, H&M White shirt thing)

A couple of things:

1. got these shoes. comfortable.

2. been playing Red Dead Redemption non stop for the past week.

3. aghast and disgusted at the Paul family shenanigans from the past week. please go here and here.

4. last photo might be the most accurate portrayal of myself to come. stay tuned.

5. just revisited the links in point 3. Wtf is happening to this country?


libys11 said...

wow!!! gorgeous blazer and that necklace is badass!! :D

Kookie B. said...

i love your style dear! that talon ring is wicked! and i love the floral jacket and necklace!

do send me some crazy love over at :)

Noël said...

LOVE the pics. you look amazing in the 2nd and 3rd photos. Definitely jealous of the new camera. Oh and what were you eating? No fair posting food pic and no info. YEAH ALSO, I keep forgetting to talk to you about Dune. Don't let me forget next time we're on the phone. I just can't believe it...

Tara said...

I love floral! I so am being sucked in with it's overtake right now.

and wtf, "no more student visa's from terrorist nations"!!!

KLVG said...

Everything about your outfit is fantastic. The necklace, the shoes, the blazer - ack! So good! :)

Sister Wolf said...