Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuff lying around in my computers mind.

I’ve been inexplicably angry and restless this past week.

I went through a Rammstein phase in high school. Every so often I revisit it. I still think they’re fucking awesome.

I had an end of semester party for myself that consiste

d of me buying these rings.



Iphone pictures cuz my camera is from 1992. And nothing from the 90’s works anymore.

I burned myself and spent half the day with my hand wrapped in ice in a plastic bag. Maybe this is when I started to get angry.



Noel on a bus, looking very excited compared to that shell of a human next to her.

Disorderly conduct.


On a side note, the nice ladies over at Miskabelle Vintage included me in a little post they did. Coolio. And Thank you very much!


Tara said...

now we have matching huge rings! I love them, reminds me of knight's armor for your fingers. you're spreading through da web! crazy!

Noël said...

How did you burn your hand?

Felicia Ynez said...

I accidentally set down a lid on a burner that was on and then went to grab it later and it burned me really bad. I seriously couldn't take my hand off ice for more than 30 secs before the searing pain came back. So lame.