Monday, March 7, 2011


black beads on nails

crackle finish


I've been obsessing over nails again. The ultimate in being useless. I do my nails and watch back to back netflix crap, two useless activites killed with one stone. I've been way into this China Glaze halloween series, specifically the "Ick-A-Body," pictured on the far left above. (picture snagged from here.) It's a copper flat glitter in a sheer black and goes over dark blue teal like awesome sauce.

I'm also becoming enamored of the idea of gluing useless shit onto my nails, in order to prove my delicate feminine nature to the world. Yeah, the last part of that sentence is bull shit, but something in me always feels kind of guilty about spending so much time painting my nails. I should give it up, as there are way more important things to feel guilty about, like not cleaning my cat's litter box, or how there are so many starving children.

Anyway, back to nails. I'm also stoked about that crackle finish that OPI is coming out with, and kind of interested in these heat activated metallic things. Oh, the time I waste.


thelion said...

I'm always painting my nails, and then I'll have to pee or do something that ends up ruining a few fingers worth of nail polish, and Moni told me to try this thing that he read about online...spray your freshly painted nails with non-stick spray, so I try it, and it made it so you could touch them, albeit now all your fingers are a little buttery and you can touch them, but you still don't want to do heavy lifting for a bit more, but it greatly improved the drying time.

Noël said...

Huh, that's interesting! I've got this oil that is supposed to speed up drying time, wonder if it's the same principle? I don't think it actually works very well, but it smells yummy so I keep using it anyway.

Felicia Ynez said...

I don't know how I feel about the crackle. I've seen it and i'm curious... but I can't seem to commit.