Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sugar, Spice, and bows!

I have always had a weak spot for the most girlie of dresses. Those pieces that as kids we'd play dress up with and dance around like Disney princesses or olympic ice skaters( I totally don't do that anymore...yeah). In later years (long long after those young dress up days...) I drooled in awe over the extravagantly clad Lolita dressers of japan in that famous Fruits photography book. I still feel like I need to get dressed up and have a tea party when I look at Lolita fashion. I'm excited that right now lots of girlie garments are coming out with this Japanese influence, and bows are on just about everything. I love it! The Japanese magazine Alice Deco a la Mode is full of this classic lolita look.
but they also have neat twists like this cute, modern, and vintage outfit. agh soo cute. The Christian Dior 2011 resort line was the aged up, vintage version of that classic japan street wear. Amazing, and full of those lovely shades of mint, peach, and powder pink.

Urges to dress like a cupcake are more and more frequent for me, but sometimes I just want to wear my same old jeans and tee... add a bow, and wow!! girlie-casual. wish I could afford this $225 exploding bow blouse from J-Crew.

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Noël said...

Dude, let's craft night that giant bow shirt!!! And nice job on a new post. This thing was getting pretty dusty. WE SUCK
mmmm yeah, and we need to do your hair!!! What's your schedule like tomorrow?