Monday, June 27, 2011

The catch 22 of the Summer Dress

Each and every summer I encounter the same problem. Even though I do my best to avoid it, and prepare for it, I cannot stop it. It’s a force greater than any biological urge, supernatural pull, or natural disaster. It’s the lure of the Summer Dress. The Summer Dress is girly, flirty, cute, pretty, and maybe every other disturbingly stereotypical feminine adjective you can think of. But, the Summer Dress also keeps you cool as temperatures rise. The Summer Dress is comfortable and allows you the range of motion you need to frolic through a field of daisies in full bloom. The Summer Dress is casual enough for the weekly grocery errand, but still dressy enough for drinks out on the patio at dusk. The Summer Dress, however, is rarely edgy, and therein lies my yearly dilemma.

Worn alone, the Summer Dress leaves me looking pretty, but hardly, interesting, creative, and downright awesome. Sandals and a sundress alone rarely provide me with the “oomph” and “rad” I crave in an outfit, and mostly leave me feeling like the love interest in a country western music video. Here, are some ways I’ve found to combat this problem. Whilst, remaining loyal to my first love.

First of all. The simplest way to make a Summer Dress undeniably cool, is by buying an undeniably cool Summer Dress. Unfortunately that is easier said than found.

A few key things can make a Summer Dress interesting enough, to stand on it’s own.

An amazing print

silk post card dress pixie market 1960's flower power day dress monster vintage

Pixie Market / Monster Vintage

Fantastic Structure

choolips asos

Interesting Details

white daisy chain shift dress top shop


If you’re anything like me though, you’ve probably promised yourself you’re not going to buy just another pretty dress, moments before falling into a silly stupor over a cute summer number. Here’s a few dresses I could see myself easily buying on a whim. And with them, a few strategies I might employ to keep myself from looking like a CMT extra.

Compare and Contrast


Monster Vintage / Oak NYC / Pixie Market

Taking the Back Seat


Pixie Market / Lori’s Shoes / Lulu’s

Mix and Mis-Match


Forever 21 / Steve Madden / Monster Vintage

I am forever searching for ways to make “fun flirty” dressed, into something a bit more cerebral. What are some ways you like to punch up an outfit that’s border line too cutesy?

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Noël said...

Ugh, I have the same prob with summer. It always makes me want to wear color but then when I do, I hate myself.
That gingham dress makes me scared, but that long black one kind of rocks my socks.