Sunday, May 4, 2008

10,000 hits like this to keep me rich, ok bitch

So I've been wanting to buy some simpler tops. Trying to pull the whole casual/nottryingtoohard/michaelstarsads thing. So I bought this simple black V neck t shirt from some random store called Tilly's that I only went into because I was with a guy who was looking for Metal Militia shirts (I know right).

I have bought plenty of plain t shirts in the past, but they are always too thin, too thick, get stretched too easily, too tight, too big, too short (i.e. middle school midriff), too low cut, and the only really good ones are too expensive ($36 Guess). I bought this one without even trying it on because it was only $8 and now I'm hooked. It is amazing. I just bought 3 more online. I am a believer and you should be too.

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