Tuesday, May 27, 2008

that's what i do, i drop truth bombs

it's about time i made some claims as to people who i think have neat-o fasion. my first person of interest: lindsay lohan. i was surprised to discover recently that i actually think she has a pretty sick fashion sense; acting credentials and sobriety tests aside. let's take a look shall we, and then we'll calculate her neat-o factor.

sparkly, mettallic, party dress: awesome (x=1)
black, wayfarer sunglasses: awesome (y=1)
hippie, flower headband thingy: awesome (z=1)
large print big tunic things: awesome (a=1)
gold and black Jay-z sneakers: awesome (b=1)
bulky homemade-looking scarf: awesome (c=1)
leggins/tights: awesome (d=1)

fake tan: bearable (m=0)
fake blonde hair: bearable (n=0)
occaisional nipple flash: bearable (p=0)

now in order to calculated her neat-o factor we simply plug in our made up variables into the neat-o equation.

x+y+z+a+b+c+d+m+n+p= f(neato)
1+1+1+1+1+1+1+0+0+0= 7

and there you have it. neat-o factor of +7. amazing.


Noël said...

You forgot to factor in:
Delusions of grandeur: unattractive (r=-3)
Choice of "friends" & company: iffy (s=-.5)
Credibility: poor (t=-1)

Ha ha. Whatever though. I really don't mind her wardrobe choices at least...

Paris said...

I know who killed her.