Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Conflictions

Summer comes and makes me want to buy summer things, like linen, or florals, or bright summer colors, or gauzy light garments. Which would be fine, if it didn't go against every other atom in my being. I use to end up with a warm weather wardrobe that I would never wear, UNTIL I finally came to the realization that I am just happier wearing mostly black all year round. Yes, perhaps slightly more heat absorbing than the other summer-residing people around me, but whatever. Anyway, accessories are so non-committal and still let me indulge in the fun. So far this year's warm weather has manifested itself in these two purses:

I've been living out of the yellow tote nonstop recently and love it. Sometimes when it's super hot though, it sticks to my arm and when I peel it away I am reminded of Kraft singles. That's ok though. I can just hold it far away from my body and still admire that blinding yellow.


Paris said...

Hey I wear black all year round too! Maybe we are related!

I also recognize that first bag....Old navy, was it not?

Noël said...

YES!! You were w/me. And I believe everyone hated it, until I got to Tara.

Suzanne the Great said...

I am happy to hear you say that peeling vinyl (leather? I doubt it) reminds you of Kraft Processed American Cheese-Flavored Cheese Food. I hope that tactile imagery (can you say that?) keeps you away from Kraft chemical products forever.