Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't you give me no lip. Who do you love?

Speaking of dazzling celeb style then, I want to give some props to this girl Rihanna. I am completely enamored of her wardrobe. Check it out:

I love love love her color palette. She rocks those latex-like leggings with an ease that makes me forget about seeing them on every other young celeb. She's does so right with the hats- an accessory I still struggle with. She's always got on fucking amazing shoes and Hmm! I love old grampa looks, like in the above middle pic.

Her makeup is great and I so appreciate that she plays around with some retro looks and gets all fun with her hair. The last pic above, with her pageboy hat, little vest and high waisted pants, received some bad flack on a few sites, but I think it illustrates well her adorable little doll appeal. I've become so smitten with her closet, that I even find myself loving outfits that I normally would never have thought twice about before. Like, for the love of god, this contraption:

Well, alright. Maybe I would hold off on flowery, flowy, gauzy pantsuit. Yet if it were in all blacks and grays...


felicia said...

dude i totally agree. she manages to remain on good terms with main stream pop culture, without sacrificing her taste for ezperimental fashion.

Yadira said...

yup. rhiana is pretty badass.