Wednesday, July 9, 2008

not if it was the last shoe on a hot-coal-covered planet

So the other day for some reason, i was watching some sort of volleyball competition on tv. i guess Crocs was a sponsor for this tournament because there were like a thousand commercials for Crocs and it really pissed me off.
i know it's been said probably a million times by a million different people in a million different places, but i can't resist. i hate Crocs. I don't give a shit how many "different" looking shoes they make. I don't give a shit if they are comfortable. I don't give a shit if they are practicle. I don't give a shit if they are cheap. I don't give a shit if you only wear them around your apartment/house/dorm showers/the set of your porn movie. Crocs need to die a horrible and swift death. I'd rather get stranded on an island and eat my own feet before i'd look at anything made by Crocs. If you wear them, stop. If you are sleeping with someone who wears them, immediately get tested. If you are thinking about killing someone because they own a pair, we should talk. In the meantime, watch Law and Order, take notes, and arrange an aliby.


Paris said...

They remind me of those gummy sandals I kept trying to throw away.

Noël said...

Gross! Have you seen the croc heels!?

The world is firmly divided amongst the lovers and the haters, that much I know.