Friday, July 11, 2008


Subversive Jewelry
I have a million projects that I never follow through with. I'm great with ideas, dismal with carry-through. Bah. Anyway, one such project was to try and create something reminiscent of Subversive Jewelry. Lots of things I like going on in this stuff, which I can absolutely not afford. Anyway, I love pearls in unexpected treatments. The first necklace I love, the oversized pearls of different tones offset by tattered ribbon and clinging rhinestones. And the messy, goopy spill pictured in the second pearl necklace is such a nice contrast to the more traditional, sedate single strand. Both are so nice and messy and look sort of thrown together, but also seem so decadent. If I wore them, I would eat cake in my stockings all day and sneer at peasants.
Multi-chained things always rank high with me as well. The dirtier, more mis-matched, more straggly the better. I would wear this pin and bracelet and instantly have the strength and fortitude to be out on the town all night. I know it.
So... I've collected various small pearls and one strand of oversized pearls through garage sales over time. I snatched up some oversized pins such as in the pictured brooch, but they're a hideous gold that just looks tawdry. In a dime store sort of way, not a cake eating, stockinged rocker sort of way. I have accumulated dull chains throughout the years, like everyone I'm sure, and also have bought some of varying designs when on sale at places like Forever 21. I'm really considering throwing all the metal bits into a fire for a while, and see if I like how it all comes out later, but don't want to have to polish off the soot for too long, as I am lazy. Nonetheless, I really want to get on the ball with this project. I'm tired of my current jewelry, and I'm tired of having so many plans that rarely come to fruition. Let's say: end of July. I want this.


felicia said...

these are totally amazing, and totally look do-able. i think you should immediately get working. and eat some cake while you're doing it and have tara clean the bathroom and sneer at her at the same time.

Tara said...

it's the end of july. LETS DO CRAFT NIGHT!