Friday, July 25, 2008

Count down til midnight

So a bit ago I decided I didn't wear enough hair accessories. My hair styles usually have enough going on to keep me satisfied, but with a change of heart I've started a new collection. Along with rainbow mugs, lunch boxes, and music boxes, I'm trying to collect some interesting head pieces. For when I'm feeling close to nature, the Pocahontas in me comes out with my feathered head band. Let's not forget those nights when I need my 40's style dress shoes and gloves, I also now need my pretty little veil... that I paid way too much for at Urban. And if you didn't know, I also have a weakness for my catholic medallion's given to me by friends and family over the years. I wear my saint jude highlighted as my ultra-awesome head piece! And those handsome pair of heels are just some little oxfords that melted my heart and I needed to get. Signing out. My first real blog. -Tara


WendyB said...

Awesome looks.

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

Tried to pick a favourite hair piece...