Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"'maybe you should open a school in african like oprah.' 'everybody CALM DOWN!'"

So with summer time, come's the crazy print princess in me. I never really like prints, except! during the summer. I can get a little out of control. Right now, i'm liking exotic animal prints, specifically of the cheetah/lepoard genre. Check up on my new favorite dress.

I got it at forever 21 for like 25 cents or some shit. I wore it to work the other day with black tights, black oxford heels, and with a white button up under it. But sometimes i like to pair it with more primal hair and a nice leg of meat. It's so raw it's right.

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Noël said...

Haha! That cracks me up. Actually, it could be very handy, walking around w/a leg of meat. Handy! Leg of meat! Hand and leg! Rarrrr.