Saturday, April 24, 2010




(F 21 dress, DIY’ed jacket)

Am I delusional for wearing this jacket? Dunno. I weirded it out a couple months ago when I added these shoulder wings. I think the jacket was originally a gift from Noel a thousand years ago when I was a freshman in high school. Do you remember this Noel? Anyway, despite the ridiculousness of it, I love the idea of cold structure with florals for spring.

Alsooooo, I need a trim very very VERY desperately. But I really can’t spend money on it. Should I do it myself? Or just wait?

Also, how much hyperbole is too much hyperbole? Like, way, Way, WAAAYYYY toooo much?


Tara said...

I already told you that I love love the shoulders you added to this jacket, so sweet! And I can't seem to get away from floral patterns this spring either.

and just trim your hair yourself, wtf man

Noël said...

I will answer all your questions in an orderly fashion:
1. You may be delusional, but not for wearing that jacket. The jacket is good.
2. I do not remember.
3. You should just do it yourself.
4. no
5. I couldn't say; I'm quite the fan of exaggeration myself.
6. I still soooooooooo don't know.

KLVG said...

That jacket is fantastic! I love love love it!

thelion said...

Hey Flea...the first pic is amazing, I had to take a second look cause I didn't recognize you. Very cute!