Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Yellows

I’ve been drooling over these Martin Margiela’s for quite some time now. And just now I came across this somewhat similar, and remarkably more disturbing, cheaper version. Do I dare? I could even change the color of the upper. Or is it too ridiculous, even for me?

martinmargiela22 martinmargiela22a

Martin Margiela via yoox


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Tara said...

uh, I vote no. Way too gross 90's. I'm ok with 90's, but this is way too clueless. I dunno though, if you like em

Noël said...

I don't know... There is something kind of neat about them. Like in a Japanese street style sort of way? I bet you could do it. How much are they? I just got some shoes with a cork exaggerated heel much like this- but the tops of these you show here are cooler.