Friday, April 23, 2010

a heavy hand

Some looks on heavy rotation in my inspiration folder:

jagged brow : nylon jan 2009

matte pink lip : zink march 2005

smear tactics : Pat McGrath for Balenciaga

galaxy nails : pop rocks

orange : Nars in Allure Dec '09

old school: ronnie

heavy eyebrows : Numero magazine

Prada look : jjacks48

Arabic look : MissChievous


Felicia Ynez said...

I am really into strong eyebrows lately. each day mine get darker and more sculpted looking. hopefully someone will tell me when I cross the line. and those galaxy nails. very cool.

Felicia Ynez said...
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Tara said...

the nails are sweet, and of course I'm a fan of any massive beehive as well.

Noël said...

Yeah, I've been into darkening my eyebrows too. I also have been using a reddish brown on them which looks pretty cool.

Sister Wolf said...

Ronnie and brows: Yes and Yes!